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5 Effective Strategies To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

5 Effective Strategies To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

5 Effective Strategies To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

One minute you’re sitting down to watch the first episode of a new series on Netflix, the next minute it’s 1am and you’ve had a full on binge-watching session. Looking in the mirror the next day before your 7am start won’t be so pretty.

We’re talking dark circles and the kind of baggage you can’t wait to leave behind.

If you spend your life with cucumber patches under your eyes wondering what kind of concealer to use for your dark circles, keep reading.

Although there are a number of causes for dark circles around the eye area, working out the cause of your own can boil down to a process of elimination. As a result, getting rid of them doesn’t happen overnight. Of course, the right topical treatments can certainly help, but if you’re looking for a quick little brighten-up, you can always rely on the magic of makeup.

At Innoxa, we create a range of products specifically designed to target dark circles and puffy eyes on even the most sensitive of skin. Looking for the best concealer for dark circles in Australia? We’ve got you covered. From eye creams to colour correcting concealers for dark circles under the eyes, we create products that work with your skin, not against it.

Here are the 5 ways to banish your dark circles and get on the right path to lighter and brighter under eye skin.


Dark circles and puffy eyes – a combination we’d rather live without. Unfortunately, they seem to come as a pair. Regardless of if you have the best colour corrector for dark circles, turning your complexion into a dark-circle free zone will be a little tough if you don’t address your skin first. We recommend trying an eye cream packed with vitamin C to increase collagen production and firm the skin, or a formula with active ingredients designed to reduce fluid retention. Our Anti-Ageing Anti-wrinkle and Dark Circles eye cream is formulated with active ingredient Haloxyl ® that works to prevent and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Top tip: Don't pull at the delicate skin around the eyes - use your ring finger to dab lightly around the eye area until full absorption


If you want to keep your concealer firmly in place and ensure those determined dark circles don’t make any unwanted appearances throughout the day, we recommend using an illuminating primer before you apply your colour corrector and concealer. Although you might want to use a setting spray to hold the  concealer for your dark circles in place, the product could end up settling into the creases. This will result in that tired-looking appearance you’re trying to avoid.


If you’ve used a concealer for the dark circles under your eyes that’s resulted in an ashy-looking hue, that’s where  the colour corrector comes into the equation. Heard of them but always wondered what they look like? They’re the brightly coloured concealers and palettes in store that look similar to a kid’s arts and craft set. Use a peach hue if you have a dull or grey-looking medium skin tone to brighten the under-eye area, yellow to counteract purplish undertones, and lavender to counteract any sallow yellow-looking tones. Our colour correcting concealer pen comes in peach, green, yellow and lavender shades to target and neutralises discolouration and pigmentation.

The kind of pen you’ll actually remember to keep in your handbag.


Don’t forget about the humble concealer just yet. It will conceal your flaws while the corrector will neutralise them. And just like Ross and Rachel from Friends, they need each other! The trick to complexion perfection is to use a different shade of concealer on different areas of your face. If you’re looking for the best under eye concealer for very dark circles under the eyes, use a shade lighter than your skin-tone to brighten up the area. The concealer for the rest of your face should match your skin tone perfectly to allow for a seamless blend.


Even if you’re using the best colour corrector or concealer for dark circles in Australia, they only do their job if applied correctly. Remember that you don’t need to go OTT with how much product you apply, or where you apply it. We recommend applying from the inner corner of your eyes and then moving outwards to target uneven skin tone. Lightly pat the product on to the area with a clean fingertip to gently blend into your skin and create a flawless finish. The best under eye concealer for dark circles will look fresh and natural if you apply thin layers – too much will start to cake and make you look even more exhausted than you did at your 5:30am yoga class.

Working out what type of concealer to use for dark circles takes a little time at first, but the results are oh so worth it. 

More game-changing than your morning almond latte, Innoxa makes it easy to find perfectly matched formulas for even the most sensitive of skin types. To banish dark-circles for good, we recommend using our vegan and cruelty free makeup products alongside our skincare range. Crafted with care to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes, it’s time to leave your baggage behind.  

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