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Colour Corrector for Sensitive Skin

Dermatologically-tested Colour Correctors

Having a great colour-correcting cream in your bag of makeup tricks is like having a beauty genie in your pocket, ready to make your perfect complexion wishes come true at any given moment. Colour corrector is every makeup artist’s essential, but there’s no reason this secret should be squirrelled away by the professionals – which is why Innoxa has developed a range of colour correcting creams and palettes.

When it comes to applying a colour corrector for sensitive skin, you’ve got plenty of different options to choose from. For a quick and easy swipe-and-go, Innoxa’s Anti-Ageing Tinted CC Cream does double duty, acting as both a foundation and colour-correcting moisturiser all in one handy tube. Or, if you prefer a more targeted approach, using the specific colour correction concealer tones to fight different battles (dark circles vs redness vs pigmentation, for example), a dermatologically tested Innoxa colour correcting palette delivers the freedom to give each imperfection the attention it deserves. 

For those not yet in the know, colour correcting is a concealing technique based on the properties of the colour wheel. Colours that sit opposite one other on the colour wheel neutralise or cancel out each other, and while it’s something makeup artists have known about forever, the good news is, it’s not hard to master. To hide redness, green colour correcting cream is your friend. Need a colour corrector for dark circles under your eyes? Use a yellow colour correction concealer to neutralise purple tones on lighter skin and an orange colour corrector for darker skin tones. And if it’s a dark spot corrector for sensitive skin you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered too, with red, orange or peach being the best shades to disguise pigmentation.

Colour corrector should be applied as the first step in your makeup routine. After you’ve finished applying your skincare and primer, apply a thin layer of the colour needed to neutralise the areas you want to conceal and gently pat and blend into the skin. Next, apply your foundation as usual over the top, pressing it into your skin so as not to budge the colour corrector you’ve just applied. Then go forth with your usual makeup routine. See? Simple!

Innoxa’s colour corrector for sensitive skin is not only formulated to provide excellent coverage and be gentle on sensitive skin but is also certified cruelty-free. What does this mean exactly? Innoxa adheres strictly to a philosophy of ‘do no harm’, with absolutely no animal testing for makeup and skincare you can feel good about.