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A Quick Guide to Treating Uneven Skin Texture (Makeup)

A Quick Guide to Treating Uneven Skin Texture (Makeup)

A Quick Guide to Treating Uneven Skin Texture

Want to create an airbrushed finish with makeup? Complexion perfection can prove a little difficult when you’re working with uneven skin texture. 

Since most of us aren’t blessed with perfect skin, smoothing our complexion with makeup and products for an uneven skin texture is the way to go. If you’re still waiting for your new dermatologically tested, cruelty-free skincare routine to kick in and work its magic, we can help you create a smooth and flawless complexion with the help of concealer, foundation and primer for your uneven skin texture concerns. 

In need of new makeup? For uneven skin texture, using the appropriate cosmetic products can smooth out imperfections and leave you feeling confident in your skin. 

Keep reading for our favourite tips, tricks, and treatments for an uneven skin texture that’ll smooth out bumps, dryness and lines and wrinkles. 

Primer prep

A good primer will give you soft-focus skin with an even and smooth finish all the while working as a perfect base for the rest of your makeup. Whether you’re looking to soothe uncomfortable dry patches, mattify oily skin or minimise the appearance of pores, a light and delicate gel-based primer will smooth and conceal. When it comes to uneven skin texture, everyone’s concerns are different. If you’re looking to reduce and even out redness, a green-tinged primer is your go-to, while a silicone-based primer will work to smooth out the irregular texture. For dull-looking skin choose a purple-based primer and for an all-out glowing look, we recommend orange-based formulas. 

Find the perfect match

Finding the right shade foundation can prove to be quite a task, let alone finding a hydrating foundation that doesn’t cling on to dry skin and your flakiest patches. If you’re looking for makeup for uneven skin texture purposes, colour matching is vital to creating a healthy-looking complexion. It’s time to use makeup that actually shows off your skin,  instead of hiding it. If you suffer from particularly dry skin, there’s nothing worse than a cakey foundation in the wrong shade. To find your colour match, we recommend blending it from your lower jawline all the way down to the neck. The shade that disappears into your skin is the one for you. Top tip - it’s important to remember that no one’s skin is just one colour, so if you’re willing to go the extra mile, investing in multiple shades of the foundation is a great idea. It will take you from season to season, blending together effortlessly as your skin colour changes in colour throughout the year.

Correct and conceal

Not only can you use a concealer as a foundation if you apply small amounts, but the right type of concealing can also now be used to ‘correct’ almost any skin concern. From neutralising the appearance of discolouration, reducing the look of dry and dull skin to covering up dark circles, imperfections and blemishes that you can’t seem to get rid, there’s a concealer for everything. For those with particularly dry skin that are looking for a treatment for uneven skin texture, go for creamy-based concealers.  Designed to specifically hydrate dry, itchy and flaky areas they’ll leave you looking generally refreshed, unlike powdery formulas that accentuate dull, dry skin.

Get your glow on

If you’re looking for products for an uneven skin texture caused by particularly dry skin, using a highlighter is a great way to illuminate and restore a natural and healthy glow back into your complexion. For the ultimate glow, dot your highlighter onto the bridge of your nose, add a little to your cheekbones above your blusher, bridge of your nose and lips and chin for a fresh and dewy look. For a less is more look, a creamy formula will be subtle as its more blendable, while a powder will make a statement with its glittery, buildable finish. No one has to know that you’re dealing with dry or dull skin when you apply your highlighter correctly – our secret.

Creamy highlighter will be more subtle as more blendable, the powder can be more glittery/buildable with more impact

Freshen up with a finishing spray

One of our favourite ways to leave you with a smooth and balanced looking complexion is by adding a finishing spritz to your makeup regime. One of our favourite treatments for an uneven skin texture caused by dry patches or visible pores, this clever finishing trick not only sets and secures your whole makeup but will also moisturise the skin even though your layers of makeup. A quick and simple way to leave your complexion looking softer and more even is to give your face a quick spritz before you hop on the tram and head to the office.  

Like we said before, no one has perfect skin – no one

So, when it comes to treating dry skin and uneven skin textures, we’re often told to stop wearing makeup and to just ‘focus on skincare’. Of course, skincare is key to healthy, hydrated skin, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of using your favourite beauty products to give you a little boost when you feel like you need it.  

Applying makeup to uneven skin can be a challenge, but with these tips and the right products, your uneven skin texture and dry skin worries will be a thing of the past.

From the perfect primer to the dreamiest of hydrating foundations, Innoxa provides real beauty products for the most sensitive of skin to give you the look of smooth healthy-looking skin, even with imperfections and minor flare-ups.  

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