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How Fine Lines & Wrinkles Can Form at a Young Age

How Fine Lines & Wrinkles Can Form at a Young Age

“While it’s inevitable that as you age, fine lines and wrinkles will appear, but you do have some influence on when they will appear”

How Fine Lines & Wrinkles Can Form at a Young Age

Self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and your favourite bottle of red. There are just some things that undeniably get better with age. However, your skin might disagree. While it’s inevitable that as you age, fine lines and wrinkles will appear, but you do have some influence on when they will appear.

But what happens when you’re in your early 20’s and you’re starting to see premature fine lines and wrinkles? Skin care is essential at any age and is important in preventing premature ageing. However, if you’re genetically predisposed to wrinkles and fine lines, it can be frustrating at best and embarrassing at worst. 

I’m only 20 - where did my wrinkles come from?

As you age, your skin acts differently. For example, in your early 20’s you can still get away with functioning on 4 hours of sleep without it being obvious. However, from 25 onwards, the first signs of ageing become apparent on our skin’s surface. As we age, our skin gets thinner, duller, and produces less collagen, which eventually leads to wrinkles and fine lines.

At the very core, your skin structure and texture are primarily determined by your genes. However, there are numerous external influences that are responsible for accelerating the normal ageing skin process. While some are unavoidable (such as living in a smoggy city) there are many other lifestyle factors that you can control to help prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles.


If you’re habitually raising your eyebrows or squinting to read something, you may start to notice horizontal forehead lines or vertical creases between your eyebrows. ‘Frown lines’ don’t just come from making sad faces, either. Whenever you laugh, smile or look surprised, your facial muscles pull the skin that covers them, creating fine lines.


It’s no secret that the more hydrated you are, the fewer wrinkles and fine lines you’ll see. By drinking 8 glasses of water a day (or more), your skin will maintain moisture and keep it looking supple and smooth. 


Give your skin the boost it deserves by moisturising. By hydrating your skin, you’ll reduce the chances of encountering skin problems later down the track, including wrinkles and fine lines.


We don’t need to be told repeatedly how bad smoking is for our health – but if that’s not enough to kick the habit now, it’s also one of the major causes of premature wrinkles. This is because many of the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke damages collagen, as well as impairs blood flow to your skin, depriving it of much-needed oxygen and nutrients.

It also goes without saying to avoid tanning salons and stay out of the sun. While Vitamin D in small doses is good for our skin and hair, too much can be a bad thing. If you are outside often – even on cool or overcast days – wear sunglasses to prevent premature wrinkles on eyes. If you’re serious about preventing the signs of ageing, your skincare routine must include sun protection – and not just for those days you spend at the beach.


If you sleep on your stomach or side, you may develop lines on your face. You might want to consider sleeping on your back.


When buying anti-ageing skincare products in Australia, check the label to see if they contain any of these beneficial ingredients:

  • Retinoids: Known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. Bonus – they can also give dull skin more colour by stimulating the production of new blood vessels in the skin
  • Peptides: The building blocks of collagen, elastin and keratin, these amino acids repair skin damage and stimulate cell turnover
  • Antioxidants: Specifically, Vitamins C and E, which help fight free radicals that cause tissue breakdown on the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid or Aloe Vera: These super-hydrating ingredients boost skin elasticity, lock in moisture, and work to repair and smooth the skin

Target and treat fine lines and wrinkles with Innoxa

At Innoxa, we’re here to help you with all your fine lines and wrinkles woes. 

Learn how to take care of your fine lines and wrinkles with our range of dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic anti-ageing skincare and cosmetic products in Australia today. Free of parabens and cruelty-free, we’re also conscious about our environment.

As with all new makeup and skincare routines, we recommend seeing a licenced dermatologist who can work with any concerns that you may have.   


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