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How to Treat Very Dry Hands

How to Treat Very Dry Hands
Dry, cracked, sore, and itchy hands. These are problems many of us know all too well — especially during the colder months when our hands take a real beating. The good news is it’s quick and easy to get your mitts back in tip-top condition and to keep them that way for good!

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Causes of Dry Hands

We put our poor paws through a lot every day.

From the harsh chemicals found in common household cleaners to regular exposure to the elements, we’re constantly depriving our hands of their natural moisture. Now, thanks to the pandemic, they’ve got a whole lot of handwashing to deal with too — which strips the skin’s natural oils like nobody’s business.

The changing seasons can also do a number on our hard-working hands, particularly when the temperatures drop. The potent mix of cold air, drying winds and lower humidity outdoors, plus the hot, dry air courtesy of indoor heating, and the longer, hotter showers we like to indulge in, are what causes dry hands in winter. And the hot sun and dry air in summer aren’t much better.

How to Treat Dry Hands in 7 Steps

Getting your thirsty mitts back to touchable perfection is simpler than you might think — and, no, you won’t have to give up your heater. Here are a few simple steps you can take to get your hands soft, moisturised, happy and flourishing again:

  1. Invest in a high quality, nourishing hand cream for dry skin.
    This will help replace lost moisture and, when used consistently over time, will help keep the skin on your hands soft, supple and itch-free. 
  2. Take a long, hard look at your hand washing routine.
    Some soaps and handwashes can be harsh on the skin — particularly antibacterial washes, which have become increasingly popular since the arrival of COVID-19. Choose a handwash or soap that is free from harsh chemicals, colours and strong fragrances (especially if you’re already spending a lot of time on a sensitive skin routine). Wash for 20 seconds using lukewarm or cool water (never hot!), then lightly towel off the water. Follow it up straight away with a rich hand cream or moisturiser to lock in that hydration.
  3. If you’re washing your hands in a public bathroom, avoid hand dryers.
    These tend to blow gusts of hot air, which can further dry out your hands — and the claims that they’re less gross than paper towels are also a bit dubious.
  4. Watch out for excessively harsh hand sanitisers.
    Antibacterial gels and sprays often have a very high alcohol content, which saps skin of its natural moisture. Keep a nourishing hand cream for dry hands in your bag or pocket so you can quench your palms, knuckles and fingers after a sanitising spritz.
  5. Wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from cleaning chemicals.
    When it’s time to do the household chores, try to avoid direct contact between chemicals and the sensitive skin on your knuckles, palms and cuticles. When you’re done, wash your hands and — you guessed it — moisturise with hand cream for dry skin! 
  6. Heading out into the cold? Pop on a cosy pair of gloves or some cute mittens.
    Trust us. Not only are they chic and stylish, but wearing hand protection when you’re outside can go along to save yourself from the drying winter environment.
  7. Year-round, sunscreen is your best friend, and your hands need SPF protection, too!
    Pick a hand cream with SPF, like Innoxa One & All Anti-Age Hand Cream SPF15, for moisture with extra anti-ageing benefits. We recommend making it a habit to put SPF on your hands every day — not just when you think you might need it — since the sun’s UV rays can be just as strong when it’s cloudy out.

What to Look for in Hand Cream for Dry Hands

The best hand cream for very dry hands is one that is chock-full of nourishing ingredients. To give you dehydrated paws a thirst-quenching hit and seal in the moisture, keep an eye out for these key ingredients:

  • Provitamin B5: this assists the skin regeneration process, soothes irritation, and improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and prevent future moisture loss. If your skin feels a little dry, but isn’t too bad, try One & All Hand Cream for Normal Hands.
  • Glycerin: this helps skin feel soft and supple, returning lost moisture. It is a key ingredient in our One & All Hand Cream for Dry Hands.
  • Keratec ProSina: this powerful antioxidant helps restore skin elasticity and locks in moisture, reducing signs of ageing. If you’re struggling with extremely dry hands, try it out with Innoxa’s One & All Intensive Hand & Nail Rescue Cream Very Dry Hands.
  • Shea butter: deeply nourishing, moisturising and soothing for irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid: a skin-quenching powerhouse, hyaluronic acid boosts skin hydration and is a popular addition to many sensitive skincare routines.
  • Ceramides: fatty acids that help form a barrier on your skin to lock moisture in, keeping your hands touch-ready for longer.

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