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5 Skincare Products for Every Person With Very Sensitive Skin

5 Skincare Products for Every Person With Very Sensitive Skin

Apart from your birthday, there’s no better day than when your pretty package of new beauty goodies arrives. Of course, if you have sensitive skin, those days are rare, we get it.

While you might not be able to steal your friends favourite cleanser for fear of breaking out in a rash, you can invest in soothing and calming skin care products for sensitive skin (with Innoxa of course).

Your skin can be considered super sensitive if it stings and becomes inflamed when it comes into contact with particular fragranced products, chemicals or even germs.

If you’re dealing with a more serious skin condition such as eczema or rosacea, the chances are that you might already know what affects your skin the most and what irritants you should avoid. Unsure? As tempting as it is to keep investing in skincare products, you’re going to need to take a more careful and specific approach.

Empty your online shopping cart (for now) and head to the dermatologist or doctor to work out the cause of your skincare issues.

Ready now? From a hydrating moisturiser for sensitive skin, to serums and fragrance free formulas, keep reading to find the best products for very sensitive skin and make your dream regime a real life routine.



When you’ve got sensitive skin, even the gentlest of products can leave you feeling a little terrified. Your skincare routine should be anything but scary and we’re here to prove it. Welcome the gentle milk cleanser. This type of genius formula has been perfectly designed to give the most sensitive of skin types a real cleanse, without causing an angry-looking complexion. Sensitive skin sufferers, it’s time to celebrate with our Super Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk. This fragrance free lightweight milk is packed with essential nutrients such as chamomile, arnica elderflower and cucumber, providing protection against antioxidants and environmental aggressors. Enjoy this calming bottle of herbal goodness that’ll give your skin a soft, soothing cuddle…



Although there’s a world of serums out there, making sure you choose the right one to add to your skin care routine for sensitive skin is key.  You might be familiar with the myth that sensitive skin can’t handle products such as serum, but it’s just that – a myth! In fact, serums are a great way of providing a highly concentrated dose of active ingredients to the skin. Ward off the flare ups by choosing cooling formulas free of synthetic fragrances and designed to soothe inflammation and prevent further irritation. Soothe redness, blotches and encourage the skin's moisture retention with the Super Sensitive Calming and Soothing Serum. 



Finding skincare products for sensitive skin doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if you’re choosing between dreamy products that welcome that lit from within kind of glow. Shield your complexion from environmental aggressors and harsh UV rays (we’re in Australia, this is NOT optional!). Protective mists, and SPF shields are your complexion’s new best friend. Our Super Sensitive Shield packed with nourishing botanical extracts is formulated to soothe sensitive and irritated skin by strengthening the skin barrier.



If you don’t know where to start with your skincare routine for sensitive skin, start with the basics. Cleansing and moisturising is a must! The truth is that your moisturiser could be causing your skin and your confidence some severe damage. If you’ve noticed that your skin is pretty reactive to certain skincare ingredients, you could be dealing with a weak lipid barrier. What does that mean? Well, those ‘irritants’ that we keep mentioning? They’re easily penetrated into the skin cells, resulting in the inflammation you’re trying to avoid.  We recommend using a hydrating moisturiser for sensitive skin for the best possible results and incorporating a barrier-focused serum into your routine. This will help protect the skin’s barrier from environmental irritants, prevent water loss and leave your skin feeling nourished. We recommend trying out the Super Sensitive Day and night cream, full of calming fruit waters and fragrance free, it’s a bestselling formula for a reason. 



Being kind to your skin doesn’t have to revolve around generously fragranced products. Lathering your skin with a deliciously scented moisturiser may seem like a great idea but sadly they can wreak total  havoc on your complexion. When it comes to the ideal skincare routine for sensitive skin, fragrances are usually a no-go. Made from harmful chemicals including parabens and aldehydes, they’re renowned for causing irritation, redness and dry flaky skin – not a good look. The best products for very sensitive skin are formulated without added fragrance, and are packed with botanical extracts and soothing nutrients If a product is scented, the label will include terms such as parfum, eugenol, fragrance and geraniol – avoid, avoid, avoid.


Incorporate skincare products for sensitive skin into your regime and welcome dewy, healthy, glowing skin. Before you invest in your new skincare products, we recommend visiting a dermatologist who will work with you through your skin issues.

Our range of skincare and makeup is majoritarily fragrance-free, except from our makeup sprays and some of our moisturisers. Discover the range of dermatologically tested, cruelty-free skincare products for sensitive skin from Innoxa

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