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We crush the myths on using makeup with sensitive skin

We crush the myths on using makeup with sensitive skin

We crush the myths on using makeup with sensitive skin

For most of us, makeup can make us feel on top of our game, but for others, it’s like playing Russian Roulette. For every influencer that flaunts a brand new beauty product that they swear is life-changing, there’s those of us cowering in the corner, wishing we could try it but afraid of the consequences.

If you wince at the sight of a foundation brush edging towards your cheekbones, you’re not alone. When makeup causes irritation, dryness, flaking, tightness, peeling, stinging or burning sensations, it can leave you, well, red in the face. Whether you suffer from rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, or you think you have extra delicate skin, you can still wear makeup.

At Innoxa, we create a range of makeup products specifically designed to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.. Looking for the best makeup for sensitive skin and redness? We’ve got you covered, with cosmetics that work with your skin – not against it.


Did you know that 70% of modern consumers believe they have sensitive skin or sensitised skin, compared with 30% in the 1980s? A lot of women with sensitive skin issues think that wearing makeup aggravates their condition – but this conclusion is not as straightforward. In fact, sensitive skin isn’t a disease that a doctor can diagnose you with – it can be an allergic reaction to something specific, like an ingredient or formula. Sometimes, it can be other external and internal factors, such as the environment, hormones, stress levels, and genetics. 

For many of us, the solution is to cover our face with makeup when we experience redness, irritation and breakouts. However, this makes our situation worse. So, of course, we apply more makeup to disguise our flare-up… and the vicious cycle repeats.

Don’t give up on makeup just yet: the solution is to find the culprit allergen that’s causing the triggers or sensitivity and to stop using it. Read our suggestions on makeup routines for super sensitive skin.


Did you know that 1 in 3 people have cancelled a social commitment because of a skin issue flaring up? Don’t cancel another social commitment because of a skin outbreak – instead, try this 4 makeup hacks to combat your sensitive skin. Even when it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle.

TIP: Patch test new products before putting them on your face. Simply dab a bit of the product onto a small and inconspicuous part of your neck and wait 24 hours to see if any redness or irritation develops. 


Your makeup brushes are weapons of mass creation… but also weapons of mass destruction. The build-up of the product can be a nest for nasty bacteria, which causes breakouts. Ensure you clean your sponges, brushes and other makeup applicators thoroughly once a week to prevent any irritations. 

TIP: Use a gentle cleansing formula that doesn’t contain alcohol or soap, as these can do more damage than good.


Know your enemies: combat your redness with green-based primer for sensitive skin. On a basic colour wheel, green lies opposite red, so the shades visually cancel each other out. A colour correcting primer like our anti-redness primer will instantly neutralise redness, soothe and protect irritated skin, and prep the skin for foundation.


When it comes to foundation, it’s natural to want to cover every inch of your face with the product. After all, it’s not called ‘the base’ for nothing. However, it’s more suitable to apply foundation only where you need it, so the rest of your skin can glow. Our mineral powder foundation is light and gentle on your skin, yet provides long-wearing coverage. 


Vitamins A, C & E nourish, moisturise and brighten dry, sensitive and flaky skin. Makeup that contains these ingredients will enrich the health of your sensitive and troublesome skin by providing hydrating, nourishing and protective formulas that are free from aggravating ingredients.

TIP: Look for products that are free from irritants such as alcohol, preservatives and fragrances. These chemicals are known to irritate the skin.

By making these small changes in your makeup routine, you’ll be better equipped to fight sensitive, dry skin. As with all new makeup routines for super sensitive skin, we recommend seeing a dermatologist who can work with you to understand your skin’s blueprint and help you avoid irritants.

Discover the range of dermatologically tested and cruelty-free makeup products from Innoxa to keep even the most sensitive of skin happy.

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